Within 4 years of it's establishment, Brain Builders Private School has transformed the life of so many pupils in the environment. The Primary School kick off in November 2007, while the Secondary School Started in October 2009. We are able to achieve remarkable progress within a very short period of time because of the high standard of education set by the School.

Why Brain Builders Private School Was Established
You will agree with me that the educational standard in the country has degenerated in recent times. There is over-population in the good public schools (between 80 - 120 students in a class that should not be more than 25 students ideally). Even in some private schools, the number of students in a class is around 30 - 40. This has made it difficult for students to get the best from their teachers.

The resulting frustration has led many students into bad gangs and cultism. To ensure that the high standard laid down by the school is achieved, we made the number of students in a class to be less than 20.

This is one of our secrets of achievement; Our vision is to give qualitative education to our youths that will make them leaders of tomorrow. Remember out motto for primary school "Bringing out Best Brain In You and the secondary school "Building Tomorrow's Leaders.

Our Progress So Far
We established the primary school in October 2007 with just 5 pupils and in July 2008, we produced our First Grandaunts to Secondary School. Report indicates that all our pupils in their various secondary schools are performing excellently well. By popular demand the management established the Secondary school in November 2009, which is located at 22 Joseph Adeboye street, off isuti road Egan Lagos. However, the Primary school is located at 28 Joseph Adeboye street, off isuti road Egan Lagos.

"Williams Arthur Ward"
A Love for books A thirst for Knowledge A hunger for righteousness A vision for greatness A memory of kindness An understanding of loyalty And a good name.

These and many more are what Brain Builders Private school and Brain Builders Comprehensive High school are set to give to your children/wards if you entrust them in God's care through our Schools. Enroll your children /ward with us and you will forever be glad of your decision. Thank you and God Bless.


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