Brain Builders Private School was established to provide a quality education, utilizing both Nigeria and British Curriculum for students of all nationalities from Day Care to Primary 6 and Jss1 to Jss 3 and SSS 1 to 3. For Over 3 years from now , this educational institution has witnessed enrollment growth from 5 Pupils in November 2007 to 250 Pupils/ students in April 2011 (both Primary and Secondary).

The school community has made significant progress in terms of providing an excellent curriculum, qualified and dedicated teaching staff.

Brain Builders Private School is Accredited to conduct Cambridge O level and A Level The Brain Builders Private School is a private, independent, international day school with a strong commitment to providing a nurturing learning environment for all pupils/students.

We believe in teamwork, and we have a team of dedicated and experienced Full Time Teachers.

The parents are supportive and actively involved in the school and extra-curricular activities for our pupils/students.

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